Certified Independent Medical Examiner

Dr. Huma Haider, Founder/CEO & Medical Director for NBII is quadruple board certified.  She is also a Certified Life Care Planner, and a certified Independent Medical Examiner.

A Certified Independent Medical Examiner, or CIME, is a specialty-certified physician who has undergone rigorous training and meets or exceeds multiple qualifications before demonstrating competency via extensive examination. Once certified, this provider is qualified to aid in providing clarity for patient’s cases wherein the cause, extent and/or treatment are in question or disputed. Moreover, this physician is an objective participant, not a provider of record, and has not rendered care nor previous opinion in regard to the specific case. This third-party opinion is an unbiased way of depicting, with clarity, the patient’s medical condition, likely causation, and how both will evolve to impact the patient’s life and care in the future.

  1. Dr. Haider reviews and compiles a chronological collation of records and documents as provided.
  2. Posits inquiries, performs research and converses with parties to capture additional information and further her understanding of events, details, etc.
  3. Evaluation is scheduled wherein Dr. Haider performs a comprehensive examination, to include testing and related instruments as determined appropriate.
  4. A substantial, meticulous report is produced containing objective conclusions, implications, and causations derived from sound medical information.


Diffusion Tensor Imaging


Life Care Plans

We work with doctors, chiropractors, defense lawyers and plaintiff lawyers. Our only goal is the proper diagnosis and treatment of the patient.