• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is severe, debilitating, and often devastating, yet it remains undiagnosed or under-diagnosed for thousands of individuals each year. With 2.3M cases of TBI annually, do you know someone who has suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury?

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Initial Comprehensive Evaluation

  1. History & Physical
  2. 30 minute computerized neurocognitive assessment
  3. 30 minute Apraxia Testing
  4. Treatments and medications are prescribed as needed.
  5. Total assessment time is 3 hours
  6. Detailed report describing the injury, negative ramifications on the patient and his/her life, and gross and subtle deficits.  This report also includes any recommended additional studies, imaging, or procedures that the patient needs.

Future Medical Report

  1. Even mild cognitive impairment, over the course of many decades of remaining life, will have a large cumulative impact on the patient.  His/her personal life will suffer, and his career earning potential will decrease, sometimes to zero.
  2. Detailed report describing how the injury will impact the patient’s future, both personally and professionally, and what long term complications the patient is at high risk for developing in the future.

Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB)

  1. Comprehensive assessment of the cognitive domains of the brain including:
    • Attention
    • Language
    • Memory
    • Visuospatial
    • Executive Functions
    • Processing Speed
    • Learning
    • Sensory Acuity
    • Calculation
    • Problem solving
    • Judgment
    • Abstract thinking
    • Temperament
  2. Total assessment time is 7 hours
  3. Detailed report with objective characterization of the damage that has occurred to the brain.

Life Care Planning

  1. NBII’s Medical Director, Dr. Huma Haider, is a Certified Life Care Planner
  2. Comprehensive review of all medical records, collation into a chronological summary of the patient’s medical history.
  3. Assessment of patient’s injuries and deficiencies, research on what will be needed for the patient to live with these, and what their financial ramifications will be.
  4. Detailed report describing what treatment and rehabilitation the patient will require into the future, along with the costs associated with those.

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)

  1. Diffusion Tensor Imaging allows direct in vivo examination of damage to the brain microstructure, white matter tracts, and diffuse axonal injury after Traumatic Brain Injury.
  2. DTI is far superior to CT and MRI for diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury.  Even with severe TBI, many CTs and MRIs of the brain will be normal.  This does not mean that there is no TBI present.  This is where DTI comes in.
  3. We will arrange for a DTI scan to be performed at a local NBII-affiliated neuro-imaging facility.
  4. This specialized study will then be interpreted by NBII’s own Board Certified and Fellowship-trained Neuroradiologist
  5. A detailed report will be issued, objectively characterizing the areas of brain injury.

Subject Matter Expert Report

  1. Comprehensive review of all medical records, collation into a chronological summary of the patient’s medical history.
  2. Dr. Haider’s expert opinion with respect to the patient’s Traumatic Brain Injury

Out-of-Town Patients

  • We offer multiple options for TBI patients who do not reside within driving distance of one of our offices:
  1. Consultations via Phone -The patient will be evaluated to determine whether TBI is present based on the signs and symptoms uncovered during an in-depth phone conversation with Dr. Haider, lasting approximately 1 hour.
  2. Concierge Consultations – Dr. Haider and one of our TBI Associates would travel to see your client and do a full day evaluation.
  3. Travel to Our Houston Office – We welcome out of town patients to fly to Houston to see us at our home office, and we facilitate the logistics for this.

Depositions and Trial Services

  • Dr. Haider is available for depositions and trial services on a case-by-case basis. Please refer here.


Dr. Huma Haider is the treating physician, TBI subject matter expert, and primary author of all reports — including the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery and the Life Care Plan. She is a double-board certified Medical Doctor, not a psychologist, therapist, or consultant. TBI is Dr. Haider’s exclusive area of practice, not simply an ancillary service as it is for other TBI practitioners.