We’re virtual and ready for just about anything.  The webinar provides a fundamental understanding of  mild, moderate and severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Additionally, it features insight into our proprietary diagnosis and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury. The webinar is free and is taught by  Dr. Huma Haider, Founder & CEO of the National Brain Injury Institute.

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Founded by Dr. Huma Haider, the National Brain Injury Institute (NBII) is the primary source for TBI related services and resources in the United States of America.  NBII is America’s leader in the diagnosis and treatment of TBI. We are pioneering the establishment of a “Concussion Protocol” for the everyday American. We exist to make a difference in the lives of the more than 3 million patients that suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury each year.  Dr. Haider’s inspirational story is captured in this documentary, “Nail On The Head, The Huma Haider Story” CLICK HERE

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National Brain Injury
Awareness Day

March 4, 2020

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